Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dont Want To Be Reminded Again

Here comes again. Some thoughts in my mind which makes me feel stressed and sad. I cant describe how i feel. A mixture kind of feeling in me. It's about work, relationship and friendship particularly.

Whatever it's, something just appeared in my head and reminded me on a very sad things that happened in November 2006. The incident actually reminded me that we cannot expect anything from a friend and the best thing of being a friend is to have no expectation. Anyway, the enthusiasm and the whole friendship started when i was still working in KL as an academician. Things going fine even until i moved back to JB due to better career opportunity. Exchanging letters and cards are something that we do. She is a pretty open minded person and i would say a real friend who can be everyone's best friends.

Anyway, things just don't turn out right on my last visit to KL on the 28th of October 2006. I still remember that night. The whole friendship just "shipped" away. Without a reason and the friendship just ended with a line of words from her"the only things that caused the friendship to end is that you're always expecting from a friend, to be a friend, you must not have expectation" That was the last sentence from her.

The more i expect, the more disappointment i have.

I just want someone to walk beside me and be my friend.......

Heart with fear

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