Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Taking A Long Break

Finally.....i will be going back to my hometown for a long Chinese New Year break - 7 days in total. Anyway, i dont like the 2.5 hours flight. Kind of making me sick all the time. Normally i will just grab a magazine or a books to read. Currently reading a book from a local writer - HONK! If you're Malaysian By Lydia Teh. It's about the author point of view towards the Malaysian Society. It's very funny and true.

It's a yearly trip for me and will catch up with my friends and family in my alma matter state - Sabah. Hope everything turn out alright....Just need a break after a long challenging year.....

Happy Chinese New Year To All - Gong Xi fa Cai & Happy Valentine's Day


1 comment:

vince said...

take a break is good, not just your body remember to rest your mind too.

Enjoy yourself in your home town and Have a wonderful New yEar ok!!!