Thursday, February 8, 2007

Myself Lately

I have been very weird and different lately. People around me might not notice that but i do. My stress level reach the the highest level. This have not happen to me before. My mind can't stop thinking about a lot of things - just name it my career, love, family, financially, passion and work. It reached until an extend where i dont know whether i still owe my brain and mind. I am kinda seeing things very differently. I can be very positive and the other way round i can be damn negative. My friend told me that i need a break and time to relax myself. I wish i could.

If given another opportunity to start over, i wish i can be a Botanist. Someone who talks to plant and most of the time my mind will be "green" and relax. Human can be very complicated. The kind of feeling i hate most is to have MIXTURE of feeling about something. It always makes me like i am in a middle of something which i cannot achieve what i want.

Perhaps it's really the turning point of my life. Some say i lack of spiritual and moral support - which might be true.

Passion of doing somethings is not enough - it comes with opportunity, life and luck.....

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