Sunday, February 25, 2007

Backache to start the Fire Piggy Year

Another ordinary Sunday where I normally do some household chores like ironing clothes and clean some part of the house. As usual, being away from home for almost 9 years, have been doing this myself for very long time. That’s why I always enjoy my mom to be around as she will always want to help me with all the ironing and cleaning (Such a bad though I have – anyway, I missed those day when I was staying with my parents… everything was taking care of ). Fortunately, I have a great housemate who also taking some of the responsibilities to keep the house clean and tidy.

Didn’t sleep well for almost one week since the second day of Chinese New year. Something terrible happened….I hurt my back in KK.

I went to see a doctor and he said I sort of sprains/strains my back that causes the muscle pain. Thought it was just a simple backache but it got worsen until I asked the doctor to get me an injection. Thought that was going to cure me instantly. The pains continue up to today. Anyway, without any delay, I went to see another doctor yesterday and asked him to diagnose where the hell of the aches and pains come from. Same answer given…. I must been sprained or strained my back from carrying heavy things. I do remember that the only heavy things that I carried was my luggage weighted around 20kg when I was on my way back to KK for CNY. My brother even told me that “….that’s a sign of aging”… no doubt I am 27 now which I cannot expect I can be as healthy as I was 18….hahaha.

Anyway, listen to the doctor advices, got myself in medication – all kinds of pain killer pills. Besides, I also manage to got myself stock up a lot of SALONPAS – from Hisamitsu.

The advertisement at the TV pretty convincing. Well, I would say it helps to relief some aches and pains. I cant sleep without it. I still continue using it. Hope things going well and I hope I can get well ASAP!!. I cant concentrate on my work and it’s so not convenient walking around with an aching back. Worst when my colleagues kind of scared me whether I got a “split disc” (don’t know whether it spell like this”

Well, today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year, some say I started the year with a lousy bad back pain which mean I will have lots of sickness for the entire 2007. Some of my friends kind of say… well, it’s not too bad that the small back pain kind of protected me for worst accidents. No idea which one to believe but I do believe that I have not taking good care of my health.

If only I have been doing a lot of exercise and not being a workaholics, I might have been having a great new year and ready for all the challenges for 2007. It sort of reminded me more about how important health is.

So, I have decided that I must sign up for a membership at the nearest GYM and I must go for exercise for at least 3-4 times a week. This will only happen when I am fully recover. I hope I will get well ASAP.

I also read some articles on how to take good care of my back. For all my friends, please do read as you will not want a back pain! It’s killing! It will disturb and mess up your life. This is the first time I hurt my back. I don’t want to have a second time. Imagine when you’re invited to an open house and you cant even drive comfortably. I went to my colleagues house yesterday for open house and with more than 4 patches of SALONPAS on my back. That’s pretty awful especially I can’t sit and stand comfortably. What a horrible experience…..

Health is wealth…..always in thought



Anonymous said...

Interesting posts that you have..
Kept me entertained for a while on a boring sunday afternoon.. =)

craigchong20 said...

thanks ...

Anyway, having backache is no no thingy.....

Anonymous said...

well, i was reading your older posts as well, particularly like the pics that you've taken.
anyway, hope you're feeling better now. =)

Wois said...

oh... Salonpas is good....!!! it is really work.... my mum like to use it...

take care of urself oh...

craigchong20 said...

Hi wois


I am feeling better now.


Mun Seng said...

Hi craig,

I supposed it's a "slipped disc"?
Don't worry, if you are having one, you will not be standing there using salonpas........Because, it's so much more severe.....XD

Don't worry, i wouldn't say which i agree the most but i suggest that we should always be optimistic and hopeful, especially when we know that we still have an entire year to go through again.

Take care bro, wish you get well very soon. :)