Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Busy Day

I will always tell myself that " I must Making The Most of Everyday" as life is so short and there are so many things to do and accomplish! Yes, it's indeed of what i expected. I have been very busy since last week and occupied with a lot of meetings and projects.

As for today, i would not say it's a "bad day". It's just a stressful day where i need to rush 2 reports for my boss. It's a very last minute thingy and without preparation. I still remember my previous superior once said "Remember to always prepare for the unexpected" which is true. We never know what will happen next. My colleague sitting next to me also having a bad day today. Guess she is rushing another urgent report for her lady boss. Well, guess I know that as she keeps on playing the song by Daniel Powter – Bad Day.

Well, I would not say today is totally a bad day. I get to know a new friend from the internet and today we manage to chat for almost 30mins through the phone while I was driving home. We talk about a lot of things – mostly related to work. Whatever I say, he always say ‘very good’ – pretty funny kind of person. Besides, something suddenly comes to my mind….when he reminds me that being a Catholic I must go to church every week. Yes, it’s indeed true that it’s been quite a while I have not step into the church. As usual, I replied that I am too busy and my prayer always not granted. He replied that I did not pray with my full heart and attention. Well, it’s good to have someone to remind me again on God and my belief. Actually, if we think about it, religion plays an important role in our daily life. The spiritual support for our inner awareness is essential of having a meaningful and quality life. I must thank him for reminding me. Anyway, hope we can be great friends.

It’s late….. shall continue recharge myself (sleep la) for tomorrow busy schedule. Ciao


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