Sunday, November 26, 2006

Friendship..... a doubtful thought

A lot of people told me that once a friendship is formed it will be forever. How true is this statement?

A good friend of mine told me that i should not have any expectation from a friend. The best way is just to be a friend without any expectation. I don't get it at all. In fact, what a friend is for without any expectation? Do you agree?

How do you define friendship? Any definition of the following?

"One who multiplies joys, divides grief and whose honesty is inviolable."

"One who understands our silence."

"A volume of sympathy bound in cloth."

"A watch that beats true for all time and never runs down."

"A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out."

"If you live to be a hundred,
I want to live to be a hundred
minus one day, so I never have to
live without you."

- Winnie the Pooh

"True friendship is like sound
health; the value of it is seldom
known until it be lost."

- Charles Caleb Colton

"A real friend is one who
walks in when the rest of the
world walks out."

"Don't walk in front of me, I
may not follow. Don't walk
behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend."

- Albert Camus.

"Strangers are just friends
waiting to happen."

"Friends are the Bacon Bits in
the Salad Bowl of Life."

"Friendship is one mind in two

- Mencius

"Friends are God's way of
taking care of us."

"If you should die before me,
ask if you could bring a

- Stone Temple Pilots

"I'll lean on you and you lean
on me and we'll be okay."

- Dave Matthews Band

"If all my friends were to
jump off a bridge, I wouldn't
jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to
catch them"

"Everyone hears what you say.
Friends listen to what you say.
Best friends listen to what you
don't say."

"We all take different paths
in life, but no matter where we
go, we take a little of each other

- Tim McGraw

"My father always used to say
that when you die, if
you've got five real friends,
then you've had a great life."

-Lee Iacocca

"Hold a true friend with both
your hands."

-Nigerian Proverb

"A friend is someone who knows
the song in your heart and can
sing it back to you when you have
forgotten the words."


"All the times we have shared, could never be broken...
by a girl, by life, and when i say your my true friend(s),
I mean it with all my heart, and never forget that I am here for you, I will walk
through life holding your hand or stand by while you need me to just talk, but
either way, I will be here, and never leave need not fear"

~ Bruce Allen Wall, Jr.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


When i was driving home after work, it was pretty late and I was very tired due to some unsettled matters at the office. Something just flash over my mind about "Quality Life". How to have quality life? Of course i mean High Quality Life.

We all keep moving on with our daily routines, stuck in traffic jams, meeting people and completing our daily tasks. It's all because of what?

Better life? Retire young? Passion of what we are doing? search our dreams? being responsible of contributing to the society? for a meaningful life? Crazy for Money? To get things we always wanted in this materialistic world?

Well, no matter what purposes you're heading into. Guess we all are looking for a better life. A life with lots of happiness and less worry. Do you agree with me?

So, how to have better quality life? Here are some of my thoughts

Family - It's always good to have family members around. They are the people who truly love you and accept who you are. Well, some people might not agree with me as they might have some problem with their families members. Anyway, time will prove a lot of things. Believe me, you'll know this one day.

Friends - For me, friends play an important part of my life. Their opinions, companionship and trust makes me a better person. To all my friends, thank you so much. You know who you are out there...

Love - We must love what we doing. We must love the people
around us. Love... makes me a better person. Thanks to all who love me.

Money - Some people said Money Is The Root of all Evil. I totally disagree. The lack of money is the root of all evil. The number one cause of murder, cheating, stealing and lying is because of poverty. If you look at the reality world today, the majority of the problems people face in life such as relationships, health and career are result of the lack of money. I think all agree with me that it's all about being rich right? That's why most of us still running in the rat race. Money will definitely make our lives better.

Education - My mom always tell me this " .... the most expensive and priceless thing she gave me is EDUCATION. I totally agree. What you learn and what is in your head will be there forever. Unless you become crazy. Thanks to my parents who showed me the path that I follow, my lecturers for all the knowledge, my friends for all the opinions and thoughts.

Work - Well, guess this is what most of us are doing everyday. Something to keep us occupied and at least earn a living so we can go shopping, buy things, buy breakfast - lunch - Dinner. Some say, if you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life!

Challenges - Life is a challenge itself. Everyday we see new things and different air we breathe in everyday and you will never have the same life again. Cherish everyday and make it great. With Challenges, it keeps me moving.

Well.... what do you think? Share with me what makes your life a QUALITY one?


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Baby Names

I personally like children. Every time when i saw some cute kids at the shopping malls, i always kind of imagine when i can have a son or daugther of my own. Just last week, i received an email from a friend of mine inviting me to attend his baby one-month old celebration dinner (i don't know how to call it - Man Yuet (Mandarin)). Well, as a friend, i called him and congratulate him and his wife. I am very sure they excited about it. Being a father, i think he is very happy. During the phone conversation, i manage to ask him what name he gave to his son. He told me Nelson. My first reaction was OH MY GOD. He replied "why". I asked him why named his son Nelson? He told me that it's his wife decision. Anyway, i told him that it's not a good name as his surname is Tan. Imagine, Nelson Tan in Mandarin means bird laying eggs. No offend of course but being a friend i am too frankly and didn't think much what he will feel. I would said i am being "geh poh" non of my business anyway. Anyway, i hope that we all need to really think first before we name our babies. I can't imagine they being teased or make fun by other people when they grown up. It's nothing wrong with the English name. It's just that when it come together with Chinese Surname and combination of our society with all the dialects, lots of funny name can be created.
Good luck man.

Names we should avoid when naming your child  

Anne Chang (in Mandarin) - dirty

Anne Chin (in Mandarin) - keep quiet
Faye Chen (in Mandarin) - dusty

Carl Chng (in Hokkien) - buttock

Monica Cheng (in Hokkien) - touching your buttocks

Michael Tan (in Cantonese) - selling eggs

Tommy Huang (in Mandarin) - Tang2 Ming2

Huang2 : Ming Dynasty's emperor

Lucy Liaw (in Hokkien) - You are dead

Judy Soo (in Malay) - Lost in Gamble
Jane Tan (in Mandarin) - Fried egg

Suzie Leow (in Hokkien) - Lost till death

Henry Tan (in Hokkien) - let you wait
Henry Mah (in Mandarin) - hate your mum

Corrine Tai (in Hokkien) - Poor fellow

Paul Chan (in Mandarin) - bankrupt

Nelson Tan (in Mandarin) - bird laying eggs

Jason Tan (in Mandarin) - thief laying eggs

Leslie Tong (in Mandarin) - rubbish bin
Nelson Chong (in Mandarin) - worms infested bird

Carmen Teng (in Hokkien) - Leg Hair long

Connie Mah (in Cantonese) - Call your mum
Francis Yip (in Cantonese) - Sweet potato leaf

Yesterday Once More

Considering this is my first online blog after my last one blog back in year 2003. I cant remember when i start to involve in this kind of website but it was a good one. I think the website is no longer exists. It's been ages i did not log in. I guess, whatever written there have been deleted. Anyway, this is a new start... yesterday once more.

I have been spending the whole afternoon packing some of my stuff at my room. It's been months i i have been busy with work and somehow i always give myself excuses not to clean my room. Imagine books, CDs, clothes and other stuff all around the room.

No idea what actually gave me the energy to get all things back to the original place. I was shocked that i have bought a lot of books and i have yet to have the time to read it. It's all still in the plastic bag. I love books but i am not a book worm yet.

About my CDs, I have a lot too. Music is part of my life. I cant imagine life without music. Guess what, i found one of my favorite CD while i was cleaning my room - The Carpenters Golden Hits. I bought the CD sometime ago.

I just love Karen's voice. She is simply great. My friends always ask me why i always like old songs like The Carpenters. I always reply that some songs are just part of us. I still remember when i was very young, my mom and dad always play their songs like Close To You, Yesterday Once More and Ticket To Ride by The Carpenters. My favorite is definitely 'Close To You'. Love the lyric of the song....

Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.
Just like me (Just like me)
They long to be
Close to you.

Wahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Wahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Hahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Lahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you

It's raining again. It's best to stay at home listening to music. It's Sunday anyway. Chill out and just relax...

Hope to have a great Monday and week ahead