Saturday, February 3, 2007

Friday 2 February 2007

It's 2 of February 2007 again. Nothing special but just double 2. In Feng Shui, number 2 represent the "sickness star" which will actually be located at the center of the flying star chart for 2007. According to some feng shui guru, this year there will be a lot of illness and accidents. So we need to make sure that whatever we do must give more priority to our health first.

The following quoted from the art of fengshui website

Prosperous Stars ( #8, #9, #1 )

Locate these corners with prosperous stars and activate them correctly to harness the beneficial Qi.

5 Yellow Star ( #5 )
5 Yellow, a misfortune star has arrived in the Northeast Sector for year 2007. It is one of the most dangerous star that indicates accidents, illness and just bad luck all round. Do not attempt any groundbreaking, renovation or drilling in this sector as you will disturb the 5 yellow. An auspicious time and date selection must be given to perform these activities.

If your main door or bed is positioned in the sector, you will need to weaken its negativity with Metal cures

For professional Level only :
With an auspicious date selected, that combines both Heaven Qi and Earth Qi, one can revolve 5 yellow poisons into medicine and enhance human luck
in the Northeast Sector.

7 Robbery Star ( #7 )
An inauspicious star located at North Sector this year, brings gossip, accidents, financial losses, burglary and robbery. Do not activate this sector and avoid placing metal element in this sector.

Three Killing
Three Killing occupies 75 degree of a compass reading ( 5 mountains ) in the West Sector. Without proper time given, do not attempt any groundbreaking in this area as it can bring misfortunes like financial loss, injury and sickness.

Grand duke Jupiter ( Tai Sui )
Grand duke, that occupies 15 degree of the Northwest sector ( NW 3 ) should not be disturbed at any cost. It will experience defeat, obstacles and loss if you confront it with activites like groundbreaking.

Do not sit and face towards this direction in your office. As an alternative, sit with your back towards this direction for support.

Age Break ( Sui Po )
Age Break occupies 15 degree of Southeast sector ( Opposite Grand duke Jupiter ). Do not attempt any groundbreaking.

It's a fruitful day i would say as i have been out for the whole day from 8am till the next day 2am. Work & catch up with friends discuss about life, management related and work related.

A good night as well.



vince said...

hey, can I call u a feng shui master haha!!! I can tell, actually I know u like feng shui a lot :)

craigchong20 said...


I am not up to the standard yet.

Yes i like feng shui.

Thanks for your comment