Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back To JB from KK

Back to JB today at 1pm after 7 days of CNY holiday in KK. Nothing much in KK besides the development around the city area. Lot's of newly built shopping centers around the city. It's like mushroom...growing very fast since my last visit in year 2006. I enjoyed and missed the food in KK very much! The only things that really annoyed me and making me sick is everyone is asking me "when i am getting married?" "where is your girlfriend?" Anyway, the same answer i will reply.. "perhaps next year" Manage to catch up with some friends as well... some already happily married and have 2 kids......

Anyway, here are some photographs taken. Most of it taken from the plane where i have nothing to do but looking outside the window...... on the way to KK and back to JB

God Of Wealth - At one of the Hotel in KK

Manage to finish reading this book on the way to KK and back to JB. A nice book about the beautiful and ugly side of Malaysian. A must read book

Muara Sungai Johor - If i am not mistaken, this is river that caused the flood at Kota Tinggi

Promenande Hotel KK, Had breakfast with my family at the Chinese Restaurant on the first day of CNY. Very nice dim sum!

Berjaya Palace Hotel - Uniquely designed Hotel

The first flyover in KK, Sabah .... more coming up

Beautiful beaches at Teluk Likas, KK

Part of University Malaysia Sabah

Biggest Chinese Temple in KK - Pu To Se'

Biggest Kuan Yin - Goddess of Mercy Statue in Sabah

Leaving KK... on the way to JB

Part of Sabah..... the plane is flying on top of South China Sea

Federal Territory - Labuan. This is the center of the off-shore banking in Malaysia. Very small Island.

Almost reach JB, here you are.... Changi Airport Singapore

Part of Pasir Gudang.....


vince said...

thanks for sharing the pic... just because I never been to east malaysia b4 :)

happy new year!!! still got abt 10 more days to go and come to the end of the CNY!!!

Wois said...

"a part of UMS", that is not UMS. it is Wisma Persekutuan. UMS beside it.

craigchong20 said...

Hi Vince and Wois

Thanks for the comments...

Oh... i dont know that is Wisma Persekutuan, thought it is part of UMS. Back to KK once a year so not really update on what building was built. Thanks anyway.


Wois said...

it is a new building and been used on last year November.

Yap, kk changed aloy compare with the first time i came here and now. Crowded, suppose not to be bored, but it is boring city lays on borneo.. hahaha

craigchong20 said...

Hi Wois thanks for the update.

I find KK pretty boring as well. Anyway, i still need to go back every year. I was born there and my parents still stay in KK

Enjoy your stay in KK ok

Lydia Teh said...

Craig, thanks for getting my book. Glad you enjoyed Honk!

craigchong20 said...

Hi Lydia

You're most welcome. Looking forward for more great books from you.