Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tag Game


I was tagged by my blog friend (Vince). All 26 questions are about life. Here are the answers

A to Z of Life

A - available / single?
I am attached but available hahahaha

B - best friend?
Sebastian, Danny and Roger

C - cake or pie?
Cake - especially secret recipe cakes

D - drink of choice
Milo. It's my energy drink every morning

E - essential item u use everyday?
Perfume. I cant leave the house without perfume

F - favorite color?

G - gummy bears of worms?
No Idea. No comment

H - hometown?
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

I - indulgence?
Hahaha... maybe

J - January or February?
February...because of Valentine's Day

K - kids & their names?
I dont have kids. If i have one i will name my son "Derrick" and Daughther "Dorothy"

L - life is incomplete without?
Money.... hahaha Just kidding. Life without my friends...

M - marriage date?
Hahaha.... 14 of February

N - number of sibling?

O - orange or apple?
Apple. I dont like orange.

P - phobias / fears?
Spiders and Rats

Q - favorite quote?
Everything will be alright

R - reason to smile?

S - season?
I like summer. Less rain. I hate rainy day.

T - tag 4 to 5 People?
Let me think first

U - unknown fact about me?
Haha... it's already unknown. Then keep it as unknown

V - vegetable U don't like?

W - worst habit?
I will sleep until very late.. if no one wake me up

X - X-ray you've Had?
twice... i guess

Y - your favorite food?

Z - zodiac sign?
Taurus. The stubborn bull


1 comment:

vince said...

tell lah tell la!!! I want to know the unknown fact abt you leh... u can tell with with a SMS??? hahaha