Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Dinner

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas. I am not a food blogger but i think this is my first time taking pictures in a restaurant i went for Christmas Eve Dinner. Kinda weird as people are looking at me why i am taking pictures of the food served. Anyway, the experience is good. My friend keep on saying that i am crazy but i insist of doing it. That's how manage to get some pictures and show you here.
My friend Sebastian and I went to a restaurant called "Purple Lotus"for Christmas Eve Dinner. Heard some of my friend said the food there not so good. Anyway, that's what people said. To prove it, we went and try on their food. Hmmmm overall, it's average - Eatable. They can do better. The following are some scores rated from me

Taste of Food : 3/5
Service : 3/5
Environment : 4/5
Portion/Size of Food : 2/5
Price : 2/5 (A little pricey)

That's the restaurant. Located behind the right corner of Pelangi Leisure Mall, Johor Bahru. When you make a U turn at the traffic lights to the mall, you will see this. Senang cari la.

The Entrance - Taking From The Table We Seated

Interior Design - Not Bad. A very soothing environment. Very Purple.. No wonder ... the name of the restaurant is Purple Lotus

Appetizer - I ordered the Roasted Duck With Salad. To be honest delicious!! I like the sauce. Taste like Peking Duck Sweet & Sour Sauce. It was a good opening dish

Appetizer -My friend ordered the Grilled Salmon With Salad. It was nice too. Manage to "curi" a bit and taste it.

Soup - Seafood Soup. Taste like mushroom soup for me. ok lo. Pass!

My friend main course - Seafood Platter (Prawn, Salmon and Squid -Sotong) Opps... half of the salmon have been eaten. Anyway, too little...seafood expensive qua

My Main course - 2 types of chicken - deep fried crispy and honey grilled chicken chop. The honey sauce very nice.

Complimentary - Ice Lemon Tea.

Main course come with red wine. Nice!

Overall, good. A little pricey. Not worth for money. Anyway, it's Christmas eve lo. Still acceptable



- Cedric - said...

Purple lotus, the name is elegant on its own, but not to forget also sometimes when we got too fascinated by the external looking of a shop, we tend to forget the essence of a restaurant is the food it serves. ;)

Of course purple! Good synchronization of the name and the atmosphere, would worth a visit, I suppose. :P

OK, all the appearances of the appetizers are tantalizing enough, but sad that I can only play my part as a viewer…. T_T not fair……T_T

Wow, dinner with red wine served together, best match !!!

Even though it has been numerous days since Christmas, but I still miss it very very much. Christmas of 2006 was indeed a memorable even in my life, lolz, bro, you know what and you know which.

So, I wish everyone will be contented with what we have, don’t forget to look around on the way of striving forward. Not to forget that we are born with a pair of ears and eyes, and only a mouth, hence, observe and listen more rather than criticize the one you care, the one you love, the one you mind in life. Insatiable beings will only ended up with grief and dissatisfaction, thus, appreciate what we have and what we are, life is as beautiful as it can be :)

craigchong20 said...

thanks Cedric.