Friday, December 22, 2006

Movie - Curse of The Golden Flower

It's about 12.30am, i just reach home after a long 2 hours movie "Curse of the Golden Flower". Well, i will rate the movie at 7/10. Too much hot colours - orange and red. Kinda boring in the middle. Anyway, it's in Cantonese. Well, i do understand but kinda weird as it suppose to be in Mandarin. Overall, lovely but overheated. A mixture of feelings as there are lots of tragedy on top of tragedy and this is kinda mix-up. A lot of improvement for Jay Chou compare to initial D. Gong Li is really hot.... her costume is ALARMING hot. Chow Yun Fatt, as usual a veteran actor, he act well. A must watch movie for 2006 if you like China Dynasty related movies.

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