Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

It's another new year again - Welcome 2007 and Goodbye 2006. A lot of party will be held tonight to celebrate the new year. Clubs, Pubs, & Discos will be packed with people and music. On the other side, there are also a lot of people who suffer because of the recent flood, earthquake and diseases around the world. Just flip through any newspaper and you'll see lots of people are waiting for us to help. For them, there's nothing to be celebrated.

Sometimes, i would just wonder, what are we celebrating? Is there any differences the World on 31 of December 2006 and the World on 1 January 2007? We are still facing the current situation right? hahaha... just a stupid thought i have.

Anyway, i just want to wish everyone i know a Happy New Year and May you all have a great year ahead. To all my friends, stay cool, happy always, have a great career and good health. You guys are irreplaceable!

Here are some words of wisdom for you. Enjoy 2007 ok

Cheers !

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