Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 2007

I have been trying to writing something but it’s all just stay in my mind. Finally.... manage to drop a few line....

January is always a busy month for me, besides routine work, lot’s of planning and budgeting need to be done and submitted for the year 2007. Staying in the office for more than 9 hours a day is really killing and stressful. Just imagine when you have lots of work waiting and piling up to be done. Oh shit… still lot’s of activities need to be organized and 2006 End Year Report to be consolidated. Hardly spending time with family and friends… I am a workaholic....

Not to mention, February is just 10 days away. It’s Chinese New Year again and Valentines’ day. This time I have to crack my head again looking for a valentines’ day gift.

Besides, need to allocate some money for the Chinese New Year expenses… angpau for mom and dad, new clothes, for brothers and the air ticket back to hometown. Another of torturing session in front of all relatives who always keep asking how are you, what is your position now, what car you drive, when you’re getting married (my answer – always… soon- maybe next year) and what you have done for year 2006. Most of the time, I will spend time eating and sleeping during Chinese New Year… scared to get ‘FAT” again…

Talking about housekeeping and cleaning the house before 4th of February (The Lap Chun)… oh my God… I still have a lot of rubbish to clean up. I have a very bad habit accumulate things. Now I know that I have been spending on things I don’t need. Sad man.... Anyway hope the coming FIRE PIG can bring better luck compare to year 2006.

Still in thought….


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