Thursday, May 1, 2008

The other side of Bahrain - Tour Around The Island

How to start here......... Bahrain in some way is an unique city- some called the Financial City of the Gulf and some said the Bedroom of the Gulf due to the entertaiment and openess of the City in this region. Well, it can be a boring city though if you want to make it to be. So i have decided to go around and find out more about the island. A little courage will help you to discover something and a little step forward will help you enjoy more on what you're doing. Haha... sound like boring philosophy ah. It all started when my friend from Singapore came to Bahrain and together with my friend from India decided that we must go around the Island.

Bahrain Island(s) Overall.....

Bahrain.... Some Interesting Places

The Journey started on 25 April 2008 (Friday) morning. We headed South to the Bahrain International Circuits - BIC - 3okm from Manama City. This is the second circuit i visited. The first one of course is back to my home country in Malaysia - The Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. Anyway, let's talk about BIC. Built and started it first F1 Race in year 2004, It's located at the south of the Island and it's the Pride of Gulf where every year, thousands of Formula 1 Fans will flock in to the small Island to enjoy the race. This year it was held on the 4,5 & 6 of April 2008. Here are some pictures taken at the entrance.

BIC - Bahrain

The Other Side of BIC

That's Me... Under the hot sun..

F1 Race Car @ The Welcome Center

Excited to show where we are standing..... with Alif, my friend from Singapore

Me front of the ship and observatory tower of BIC

The second destination is Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve... will update later.....

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