Sunday, November 19, 2006

Baby Names

I personally like children. Every time when i saw some cute kids at the shopping malls, i always kind of imagine when i can have a son or daugther of my own. Just last week, i received an email from a friend of mine inviting me to attend his baby one-month old celebration dinner (i don't know how to call it - Man Yuet (Mandarin)). Well, as a friend, i called him and congratulate him and his wife. I am very sure they excited about it. Being a father, i think he is very happy. During the phone conversation, i manage to ask him what name he gave to his son. He told me Nelson. My first reaction was OH MY GOD. He replied "why". I asked him why named his son Nelson? He told me that it's his wife decision. Anyway, i told him that it's not a good name as his surname is Tan. Imagine, Nelson Tan in Mandarin means bird laying eggs. No offend of course but being a friend i am too frankly and didn't think much what he will feel. I would said i am being "geh poh" non of my business anyway. Anyway, i hope that we all need to really think first before we name our babies. I can't imagine they being teased or make fun by other people when they grown up. It's nothing wrong with the English name. It's just that when it come together with Chinese Surname and combination of our society with all the dialects, lots of funny name can be created.
Good luck man.

Names we should avoid when naming your child  

Anne Chang (in Mandarin) - dirty

Anne Chin (in Mandarin) - keep quiet
Faye Chen (in Mandarin) - dusty

Carl Chng (in Hokkien) - buttock

Monica Cheng (in Hokkien) - touching your buttocks

Michael Tan (in Cantonese) - selling eggs

Tommy Huang (in Mandarin) - Tang2 Ming2

Huang2 : Ming Dynasty's emperor

Lucy Liaw (in Hokkien) - You are dead

Judy Soo (in Malay) - Lost in Gamble
Jane Tan (in Mandarin) - Fried egg

Suzie Leow (in Hokkien) - Lost till death

Henry Tan (in Hokkien) - let you wait
Henry Mah (in Mandarin) - hate your mum

Corrine Tai (in Hokkien) - Poor fellow

Paul Chan (in Mandarin) - bankrupt

Nelson Tan (in Mandarin) - bird laying eggs

Jason Tan (in Mandarin) - thief laying eggs

Leslie Tong (in Mandarin) - rubbish bin
Nelson Chong (in Mandarin) - worms infested bird

Carmen Teng (in Hokkien) - Leg Hair long

Connie Mah (in Cantonese) - Call your mum
Francis Yip (in Cantonese) - Sweet potato leaf

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vince said...

hey... this is really funny.
I am lucky that my name not show on your list and for sure I won't give my baby all the name for sure...

tell u something mine name is "wen sheng tan" wor hahaha!!! sounds like mosquito lay eggs