Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bahrain - My Next Destination

After so many years in Johor Bahru, finally another opportunity come unexpected... It's the middle east... about 8 hours flight from home. Starting a new life in a foreign land is never an easy task. Imagine the process of accepting their cultures and food. Well, made up my mind to take the challenges and move now. Have been a little emotional lately before my departure to this small island country (almost the same size as Singapore) called BAHRAIN.... so where is Bahrain.... here you are some maps here for your information. But I know that I am going to miss my friend, family and my dearest :(

Taken some pictures during my last trip in January 08. I transited at Doha, Qatar before flying to Bahrain.

Bahrain International Airport @ Muharraq Island

Manama City from the bridge link to Muharraq Island.

The other part of Manama City

Central Manama - Al Manama

Bahrain World Trade Center and Government Avenue of Bahrain

See you Manama on 15 March....