Monday, March 12, 2007

Can I say “I don’t Care”?

Today has been a busy day for me. Try to catch and follow up some projects and work at the office. Besides checking and reply emails, I have also involved in some planning as well. Have been very tired lately and somehow feel like giving up of what I am doing. There are so many things that are not going well and the workload is really heavier than before. I always ask myself “how I can make the most of my workday”. Normally, meeting already take half of the day and then emails will take another quarter. Some phone calls and documentation will kill another quarter. It’s always a never ending story. What make a day worst is … when I had an argument with my lady boss on some small matters which I think not a big deal. Being stubborn and defensive person like me can make things worst. My advice is “never mess around with women especially when they are your boss” trust me! They can make your life miserable. Apologizing may not sufficient to resolve it. I wish I could say “ I don’t care”

I am a person who always thinks and put other people in first priority before myself. I always want other people to be happy. My philosophy pretty simple, as long as people around me are happy, I am happy. Nevertheless, getting the recognition of being a friendly and approachable person is always part of it. Somehow, this makes me a big failure in building friendship. I have very few friends. Some say I have high expectation which I agree. Besides, some say I am stubborn… yes I totally agree. Anyway, I am just another ordinary person who wants to be accepted and need attention sometimes.

Somehow, I will feel much more better if “I don’t Care”

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